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The scientific-practical conference was held in the small conference hall of the main building of the Oguz han University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan. A total of 9 (nine) presentations on natural and accurate sciences were heard at the conference. Among the speakers, along with researchers, teachers and students participated in the scientific-practical conference and delivered their scientific speeches.

The speeches of all the speakers at the scientific-practical conference were of great interest to the participants and the speeches were discussed. The speeches included DNA extraction of agricultural crops (for example cotton and wheat) and GMO testing, the arrival of Nowruz to the friendly land, the state of the tear-removal function of the inhabitants of Turkmenistan, the in vitro biotechnology of the plants, and the introduction of antioxidants into the soil, and the introduction of soil into the soil. Influence, Frequency of Metabolic Syndrome Among Students, Nowruz Has Arrived in Arkadagly Science, the importance of decorating flower compositions, research on biotechnological breeding of Malacocarpus crithmifolius Retz. CAMey It is noteworthy that the conference was a great impetus for the strengthening of communication.

The participants of the scientific-practical conference should be grateful to our esteemed President for the opportunity to discuss the progress made in the natural and precise sciences, which are an integral part of the study of world science, and the key areas of development of new technologies, as well as the opportunities for young scientists to carry out joint research. they would like to express their deepest gratitude to the organizers of the conference.

It should be noted that this scientific-practical conference opens up new opportunities for the development of natural and accurate science, the introduction of innovative technologies in the national economy, as well as the development of the production complex on a global scale.

Scientific-practical conference was held by the Institute of General and Applied Biology of the Oguz han University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan