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In the region of Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake the possibilities of obtaining electric energy from wind are being studied


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The "Ecological Biotechnology" scientific manufacturing center operates in the Oguz han innovative complex of the Oguz han Engineering and Technology university of Turkmenistan, along with other scientific manufacturing centers. At the "Ecological Biotechnology" Scientific Manufacturing Center, which was opened in 2020, under the guidance of the teachers of the Department of Ecology and Ecological Technologies, students conduct scientific research and practical work on solving various ecological problems. One of them is studying possibilities of obtaining electric energy from wind.

As stated in the "Program of socio-economic development of the country of the President of Turkmenistan in 2019-2025", as a result of the construction of the Altyn Asyr Turkmen lake, it was possible to improve the ecological condition of the desert, as well as the melioration condition of the irrigated lands. In the future, the treatment of the water that is collected there allows it to be reused. The construction works of the large-scale life-production complex of the new village, that was started with the blessing of our Hero Arkadag on the shores of Altyn Asyr Turkmen Lake in Serdar Etrap, Balkan Velayat, will be carried out in stages in 2019-2022 and 2022-2025. The formation of a new modern village will facilitate the construction of enterprises processing lake water, the development of various branches of agriculture and animal husbandry. According to our Hero Arkadag, it is planned to get the necessary energy for the settlements and economic sectors to be created here from renewable, ecologically clean sources.

Under the leadership of B. Yuldashov, senior lecturer of the Department of Ecology and Ecological Technologies of the Oguz han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan, the wind regime of the fields near the new village under construction on the shore of the Akyayla salt reservoir built near the Altyn Asyr Turkmen lake was studied. Due to the lack of meteorological stations in the region, satellite data was analyzed. As a result, wind power generation is expected in the region.

In order to determine the efficiency of proposed wind turbines, it is necessary to determine the potential amount of wind energy. Adequate statistical analyzes related to air resource assessment are essential for the implementation of the project.

10 location points were selected for this work. The wind regime of each point was analyzed and the possibility of building a wind farm was studied. Data is broken down into daily, monthly, and yearly bases. Based on the received data, individual wind profiles were also calculated for each point.

Surveys and calculations show that the eastern part of the lake has the greatest potential for wind energy production. Research and calculations are currently underway.

Merjen GURBANDURDYYEVA, The teacher of the Department of Ecology and Ecological Technologies of the Oguz han Engineering and Technologies University of Turkmenistan