100 Koshi Street, Ashgabat City, Turkmenistan


Green Care


SDG Agenda 2030


The Green Care student organization of Oguz han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan, which has been operating since 2021, provides ecological education programmes for not just the students of university but also for the local community. They promote sustainability and create awareness among the local community and educate them on climate change risks, impacts they can make and what actions they can take. They don’t stop with just promoting, they share their Climate Action plans and solutions with the local community groups. The coordinator of this organization has been an eco-activist for a long time and previous year became the young SDG ambassador for the 13th Goal “Climate Action”. She promotes Climate Action and ecologically healthy lifestyle inside the campus and encourages other students to take more active participation in Climate Action.

Project Coordinator: Shemshat Atayeva Department of Molecular biology and genetics, Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan.