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MathCient - An Innovative Solution for Flipped Learning in Higher Education.


SDG Agenda 2030


Oguz han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan (ETUT), as a leading university in engineering education in the country has considered a need to design its teaching instruction with creative solutions to make future engineers more competent in their desired majors. The research team member of "Computer Linguistics" has developed a MathCient platform - an online learning platform which provides teaching materials and quizzes to make students become a self, active online learner and come to class better prepared. Currently, the platform covers over 100 topics of Mathematics, Geometry, Physics and Chemistry courses and supported with unlimited upon-on-demand generatable questions to make engineering education more engaging and enjoyable pre-class activity. This project offers a MathCient platform as a flipped learning tool for higher education and examines the students' experience on the program using the learning evaluation framework based on Bloom’s revised taxonomy, adopted for assessing flipped learning platforms.

Project Coordinator: Yuldashbay Kurambayev. Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan