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Green Step is a Big Step toward the Sustainable Future.


SDG Agenda 2030


The purpose of this project is to propagate endangered plants through biotechnology-based tools such as micropropagation and synthetic seed technology in order to prevent the extinction of threatened endemic species.

Among the biotechnological approaches, micropropagation and synthetic seed technology are the most viable techniques, allow efficient and rapid clonal propagation of many threatened plant species.

 Micropropagation of plants is creation of new plant from its small root, bud, or leaf particles by using of tissue culture. Its difference from traditional vegetative propagation that there is no need for whole plant branch for taking root.

Synthetic seed technology can be considered an important application of micropropagation, that could be a valuable aid to economical large-scale clonal propagation and germplasm conservation of the screened and selected elite germplasm.

Project Coordinator: Atayeva Shemshat. Department of Molecular biology and genetics, Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan.