100 Koshi Street, Ashgabat City, Turkmenistan


Extrapolating the Digital Readiness – Do Turkmen Undergraduate Students Competent for Online Learning?


SDG Agenda 2030


Every institution has to take challenges in order to obtain its own place in technological progress competition. Current technological progress for Higher Educational Institutions is to develop new forms of teaching and learning which require IT integration with ordinary education processes (methodology). To complete these requirements of the era, every institution has to know the conditions of the auditorium. This study evaluates students of the two public universities of Turkmenistan on digital readiness for online learning by adopting commonly recognized “Digital Competency Profiler” tool and the “General Technological Competency and Use” framework. The findings of this study might be a reference for further enhancement of digital readiness for online learning and stress the urgency of digital transformation in order to succeed in technological progress competition.

Project Coordinator: Rovshen Ishangulyyev. Department of Economics of Innovations, Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan