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During the Revival of the new era of a sovereign state, under the wise leadership of our Esteemed President, our state of Turkmenistan is growing and changing day by day. In order to develop the education system and achieve its high quality in accordance with modern requirements great work is being done in our country. The Oguz Khan University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan is one of the leading universities in the country based on the achievements of science, advanced technologies of the country, as well as the tireless work of students. The scientific and industrial centers created at the university play a great role in the comprehensive development of education, science and production systems in our country, in the rapid introduction of innovative developments into production, and in particular the formation of young professionals in the field of modern engineering and technology. On the occasion of the National Science Day, the students of our university presented the results of their scientific work performed at the scientific and industrial centers of our university. Project works held at the ‘Green Chemistry’ Scientific - Research center at the Chemical and Nanotechnologies Faculty:

1) technology for the production of liquid bio-fuels from cotton;

2) technology for the production of environmentally friendly bioplastic materials that self-dissolve over time;

3) technology of obtaining caustic soda from table salt;

4) soap technology from local raw materials;

5) liquid glass technology;

6) technology for extracting cream oxide from sand deposits;

7) fireproof bricks;

8) aluminum oxide;

9) artificial fiber;

10) liquid glass;

11) liquid wall paper;

12) zinc oxide nanoparticles;

13) Technology of obtaining antimicrobial solutions containing several antibacterial substances time from residual salts;

14) Carbon nanotubes.

  Scientific and technological work on the production of environmentally friendly products is the main work being proposed for use in the national economy, chemical industry, social life of the country.

   University professors and students are also conducting research on the acquisition of various products from local raw materials, including artificial marble and building materials. Artificial marble is distinguished by its availability, durability, environmental friendliness, and ability to be obtained in any shape and color. Local gravel, minerals and sand are used as a raw material, which are the main natural resources of our country. Moreover, our scientists are working on the technology of creating unbreakable solid forms of glass produced in our country. In our country, all conditions are created for the training of high-level specialists, education, science, innovation, the harmonious development of production systems and the continuous improvement of their communication. This is fully evidenced by the innovative industrial complexes being built in our country, the "Smart Cities". Equipment prepared and proposed by professors and students of the Scientific - Research Centers at the Cyber ​​Physical systems Faculty:

1) a robot hand controlled by a robot operating system;

2) automatic antiseptic device;

3) smart parking;

4) obtaining electricity by wind;

4) the introduction of electronic menus in restaurants;

5) robot controller;

6) virtual reality electronic toys;

7) hand-operated electronic devices.

Software programs proposed by professors and students of Scientific-Research center at the Computer Sciences and Information Technologies Faculty.

1) "Employee Intelligence Technology" software;

2) “Animation Set”;

3) "Auxiliary program for diagnosing pneumonia from chest X-rays";

4) "Voice Recording in Turkmen" program.

Research and production centers "Economics of Innovation", "Patent and Innovation Management" with the participation of professors and students of the Faculty of Economics of Innovation are functioning. These centers address issues related to socio-economic development of the country, provinces, districts and cities on the basis of the "smart specialization" method, socio-economic development, foresight research, the use of new innovative technologies in the industrial sector, proposals are prepared.

The research centers of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Ecology carry out a number of researches on the study of biodiversity of our country:

1) Based on the scientific encyclopedic books of our Hero Arkadag "Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan", biologically active substances are extracted from local plants using biologically active substances and new medicines, perfumes and beauty products are created on their basis;

2) sweet, ointment tea products, food additives and dyes are made from local plants and livestock;

3) floating liquid soap, soaps, shampoos, creams, coatings, fragrances from various local herbs;

4) biofuels and paper from local plants;

5) resveratrol solution from grapes;

6) fungicides used against plant fungal diseases and a number of other products were exhibited on the occasion of Science Day, which aroused great interest in the international scientific-practical conference and exhibitors.

   All of these programs will have a significant impact on facilitating the functioning of the national economy sectors of our country, which is currently moving to a fast-paced digital economy, and these programs will provide ample opportunity to perform work in various sectors of our economy quickly and easily. In addition, there are a number of research and development centers at our university, where professors and students who work there are engaged in a number of scientific activities in their free time. They are also working on the implementation of new production technologies, the invention and patenting of new products. Our Esteemed President paves the way for the improvement of the national science system, the continuation of the digital education policy, and the implementation of our own scientific initiatives. We would like to express our gratitude to our Arkadag and our Esteemed President, for creating the opportunity for young people to learn a profession and grow up to be healthy educated, broad-minded people.

Student of Chemical and nanotechnologies faculty Ovezdurdyyeva Gulnar