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Integrated development of the education system and raising it to a qualitatively new level is one of the priorities of the state policy pursued under the leadership of our Esteemed President. Much work is being done to improve the educational and methodological supply of educational institutions, including modern education. Under the leadership of our Esteemed President important work is being done for achieving the tasks set before the scientific and educational system, training new thinkers and, as a result, modernizing all sectors of the national economy, moving forward to the new heights of development of our country during Revival of new epoch of the powerful state. In their spare time, professors and students of the Oguzhan Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan engage in a number of scientific activities in the university's research and production laboratories. University students take part in a variety of competitions, as well as international competitions, with their academic works. The students of our university are also actively participating in the annual international scientific competition organized by the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO).

EAPO has been running a number of inventions competitions for 20 years. This organization operates within the member states of the Convention. Each year, the organization evaluates the scientific works of participants from all over the world. The competition is held according to the age averages of young teenagers. EAPO has its own requirements for international competition:

  • new scientific discoveries;
  • scientific theories and mathematical methods;
  • accurate presentation of information;
  • methods of protecting and managing the economy;
  • placement of symbols, plans, rules;
  • methods of logical operations;
  • development of algorithms and programs for computers;
  • placement of facilities, buildings, land projects and plans;

It is also aimed at the appearance of the product, to meet its aesthetic needs.

Students of the Faculty of Chemistry and Nanotechnology of the Oguzhan Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan took part in this international competition and were honored with places. In 2022 a student of that faculty’s Materials Research and New Materials Technology major Ovezdurdyeva Gulnar participated in the international scientific competition “Future attitude” organized by EAPO with her scientific work “Development of scientific bases of technology of production of high-temperature stable magnesium bricks from products obtained from local raw materials of Turkmenistan (dolomite, bischofite)” and took 3rd place among 120 participants. (https://www.eapo.org/ru/info/univers2022_results.php)

Also, in 2021 the student of Materials Research and New Materials Technology major Begmuradov Rahymguly owned 3rd place in the international scientific competition organized by EAPO with his project “Technology of production of environmentally friendly bioethanol based on cotton, which is a local raw material in Turkmenistan”. (https://www.eapo.org/ru/info/univers2021_results.php)  

These achievements are a clear indication of the modern education and tireless work of our university students.

Mukam Ekayev, the head of Department of Nanotechologies and Materials science of the Chemical and Nanotechnologies Faculty of Oguz han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan.