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Japanese Language Public Speaking Contest


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”Japanese Language Public Speaking” contest was organized and held by the Dowletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages and Japanese Embassy in Turkmenistan. Combined with Japanese national dances and songs, this competition was controversial and impressive. The contest was consisted of 2 rounds, which was attended by a total of 12 students from Oguzhan Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan, Downletmammet Azadi Institute of World Languages and International University of Humanities and Development. In the competition, students were judged on the comprehension, logic, free creativity, accuracy of speech, effective speech (voice pressure, facial expressions, and hand movements) of their compositions. In the first round of the competition Nuryeva Nazik, a student of our University, took the second place. In the second round the students of our university Penjaeva Aylar got the first place, and Agajumaeva Guljan got the second place. The winners of the competition were awarded with Letters of Honor by the Embassy of Japan. Also, the winners were qualified to the Online Public Speaking Contest among the Central Asia countries.

Student of philology major Akmyradova Sahra