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Our students achieved THE FIRST place in team competition among 71 universities in the I Open International Internet Olympiad!


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The students of our university achieved excellent results at the I Open International Internet Olympiad in "Theoretical Mechanics" organized by the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan on May 10-14.

225 students from 71 universities of 15 countries, including 13 technical universities from Turkmenistan, took part in the competition. The Olympiad consisted of 2 rounds, including individual and team competitions and the best 5 students are allowed to participate from each university. In this International Olympiad in theoretical mechanics, the student team of our university won the first place in the team competition. In the individual competition, the students achieved the following results:

  1. Jumayev Agajan – I place
  2. Seyidov Didar – I place
  3. Annayev Allamyrat – I place
  4. Suleymanov Selim – II place
  5. Hojayev Orebay – II place

Lecturer at Nano and Biomedical Electronics department Toyjanov Mekan