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International students internet Olympiad in Chemistry 2022


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Organized by the Yagshigeldi Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas on May 4, 2022, the online Chemistry Olympiad was held among students of Turkmen and foreign universities. The students of our university also took an active part in this Olympiad. Under the leadership of instructors of the Chemical and Nanotechnologies faculty of our University the students have won prizes in this competition.

         The International Internet Olympiad was held in the form of individual competitions at A and B levels, with 5 students from our university taking part in each level, in total 10 students participated in Olympiad, and they have got the following places:

1. Kakamyradov Bagtyyar – 1st place

2. Abdyllayeva Gulshat – 1st place

3. Annanepesova Gultach – 1st place

4. Rahmedov Sohbet – 1st place

5. Saparov Merdan – 1st place

6. Rozyyeva Merjen – 2nd place

7. Nuryyev Serdar – 2nd place

8. Geldimyradova Akmaral – 2nd place

9. Intizarov Ikram – 2nd place

10. Amanova Aynur – 2nd place

Atdayev Batyr