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Achievements of our university for its contribution to achieving the goals of Sustainable Development, which is highly valued by the international rating of world universities “Times higher education”


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         During the Revival of the new era of the sovereign state, our state of Turkmenistan is making great strides and great achievements in all spheres of the economy and the national economy.  The initiatives put forward by Hero Arkadag in our country are being successfully implemented today by esteemed President Arkadagly Serdar.  The state pays special attention to the radical reform of the science and education system, the modernization of its material and technical base.  The work carried out at the Oguz Han University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan in the field of science education and vocational training for students and youth is reflected in the innovative developments taking place in our country.  By the initiative of our Hero Arkadag, large-scale work is underway to add higher education institutions of our country to the list of international higher education institutions by 2024.  In 2015, the 70th anniversary session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York hosted a summit on post-2015 sustainable development.  Thus, the global agenda for the post-2015 period has adopted 17 global goals and a strategy that includes 169 tasks. From the first days of its launch on September 1, 2016 at the initiative of our Hero Arkadag, the Oguz Han University of Engineering and Technology of Turkmenistan has been transformed into a leading higher education institution, not only in the country, but also in the region.  began to implement innovations.  As part of the ongoing efforts to include higher education institutions of the country in the list of international higher education institutions by 2024, the University of Engineering and Technology named after Oguz Han of Turkmenistan is one of the first in the country to carry out significant work in the areas required by the international higher education institutions.  In a short time, the achievements of this young university in the field of science, education and innovation have been highly praised by the organizations that work on the international ranking of world universities. In other words, the Times Higher Education, a world-renowned university, has been successfully evaluated by the Oguz Han University of Engineering and Technology in Turkmenistan for three of the goals set by the International Ranking Organization for Sustainable Development (https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/oguz-han-engineering-and-technology-university-turkmenistan).

         The Oguz Han University of Engineering and Technology in Turkmenistan was ranked in “Provide Access To Affordable Reliable, Sustainable And Modern Energy Sources For All” field 601th  place, “Create Sustainable Infrastructure, Promote All-Inclusive Sustainable Industrialization And Innovation” field 601th place and  “Promote Sustainable Development And Accelerate Global Co-Operation” field 1001th place among world universities.

         From the first days of Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan, it was appointed as a partner with Tsukuba University, a Japanese higher education institution specializing in science education and technology. In addition, the university continues to cooperate extensively with prestigious university of the world, as well as in the countries of Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Professors from Tsukuba University in Japan are now teaching at the University on a number of fields of science and technology. On the occasion of Science Day or throughout the year, regular video lessons and scientific-practical conferences are held. A number of university students have visited Japan to learn about their experiences. The Oguz Han Innovative Complex has been established at the University to further enhance the industrial capacity of our country and to produce products that replace imported goods, and several scientific and industrial centers have been established in its structure. These include Biotechnology and Genetics, Beauty Biotechnology, Green Chemistry, Nanoelectronics and Internet of Things, Digital Technology and Information Protection, Smart Technologies, Bionics and Robotic Technology, Innovation Economics, Computer Linguistics, Innovation Technology and Technology

         Bionics and robotics, Economics of Innovation, Computer Linguistics, Innovation Promotion,  Environmental Biotechnology, Scientific Production Centers are on the list.  In 2019, on the structure of Oguz han Enginering and Technology University , was  established the Institute of General and Applied Biology.  The Institute and the Scientific and Production Centers have carried out scientific work in a number of areas of science, and concrete work has been carried out to further development of the production capacity of the country.  An example of this is the implementation of the Smart Housing Project in residential buildings built and commissioned in the 16th phase of Ashgabat development.  Work is currently underway to implement the project in residential complexes in the administrative center of Ahal province. At the same time, scientific work is being done to create "Smart Cities" using reliable and sustainable energy sources.

         Also, the work done to create environmentally friendly, socially-oriented products with the participation of teachers and students in the existing research and production centers, the decisive steps to achieve sustainable economic, social and ecological development are proof that the main tasks of this strategy are being implemented.

         University professors and students and alumni express their gratitude to our Academician Arkadag and our esteemed President for the vast opportunities and achievements.

Teacher of department of social sciences Vepa Ovezov